About Laufmarkt 

The creation of the  "Laufmarkt"-Database started in 2006. At the time being, it contains information about a panel of approximately 400 running events in Germany for the years 2003 to 2012. The amount of data available materializes in more than 25000 data sets. The data base is updated regularly. 


The main purpose of the database is to monitor the size and the structure of the market. Therefore, it concentrates on economically relevant figures such as the number of finishers and the fee participants have to pay. To be able to capture changes in the structure of runners, the data on finishers are detailed by gender and - at least for some years - by age. Other data which form the core of most other statistics, such as the winners' time are not part of this database.


Due to its panel character the database collects data on a fixed sample of big events. Nevertheless it is open for newly established events. About 230 of the events monitored were already active in 2003, the remainder has been founded since then. However, some events have become inactive in the meantime, which means they departed from the calender of races temporarily or for ever.



Some data from the database can be found (up to now only in German) here. More detailed analyses (only in German) can be found here.